Helpful Tips to Make Your Website Friendly

25/06/2015 14:55

Creating a websites that is friendly and easy for your potential clients to navigate is very significant. Today more and more people turn to use smartphone. So, you need to be mobile friendly as well. I would like to suggest some helpful tips to make your website friendly to guests as well and keep them go back to your site. 

1) Keep landing pages off your home page
Landing pages should not be your first page you see when you arrive at a website. Many people will just click the exit button. Instead try a pop up. Only use landing pages if you are running an event and looking for registrations, but do not set this as your home page.

2) Be careful with advertisements
As you know, people hate to see ads.Try using relevant affiliate links into your content,

3) Have a simple and clear navigation
Try to navigate your site needs to be as easy as well. Try not to have too many drop down menus.

4) Don't lose your readers

When visitors are browsing your site, you will want to make sure they know which part of the site they areas well as a clear means for them to navigate to the next part of your website. Make sure you have a home button or menu option available to bring them back.

5) Pay attention to audio/video on your site

Try not to have autoplay audios or videos on your site. People don't want to listen voices that they can not control.

6) Try forums. groups or comments

You should have a place for people make connection and discussion.

7) Keep a blog
You should use a blog on your site and keep it updated with latest news about yourself and your business will allow your readers to get to know you.

8) Update Content frequently

Visitor love this, search engine love this also. You must update fresh content on your website frequenly.

9) Reduce the number and size of images on your website.
High resolution images can make your site load very slowly. With more and more people connecting via mobile devices, speed is important.

10) Make sure your website can been seen
Make sure your site run correctly by checking & testing carefully before it's public. You also want to test the mobile viewing of your site by using Google Mobile Friendly Test.

11) Build Sitemap for your Website:
Search Engines follows links on your website. Sitemap will help search engine index your content more quickly.