How to use article to build up back link effectively?

23/11/2012 15:03

I have heard this question many times from some guys who want to build back link from article submission. All SEOer know that back links from articles is really solid and useful for a website marketing. However, building backlink from article is not easy at all. It will take time for you to write, and then get approve from article editor. Therefore, today I would like to share some tips that may help you to get effective back links from article submission.

Firstly, pick up a topic and write an article: this process is take a lot of time from you. No one can get back link from article if you don’t have any article to submit. Therefore, just shit down and write. The articles with purpose to get back link are not need to write so informative and significant. However, it should be clear and unique. Look into the target keyword, and then pick up a topic for your writing. You don’t need to have good skill and knowledge about the topic. Google is a very effective tool for all of writer to research about what you tend to write. An article should include three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. You don’t need to write a long article. Most of article directories will approve an article for about 400 – 500 words long.

Secondly, search article directories: after finish your writing, the next step that is get the list of website that you can submit your articles. Google still be an effective tool for you to get the list. Just use some key terms for your searching process like “free article submit”, “article directories”, “article free submission”,  “article submit”, “best article submission”. Some of very good article directories that you may use are:,,,,, and It is not so hard for you to get a bunch of websites that allow you submit the articles. However, just list directories that relevant with your article, allow do follow back links, and can be index quickly by search engine.

Thirdly, submit & add links: Most of article directories have editor team who will review all articles before they can be approved for public. Therefore, you have to read careful guideline in each directory before your submission. Pay attention to the requirement for title, summary, and policy of body formatting. Some of directories don’t allow you to put link in body text but author information. Some others don’t allow writer to put link in the first paragraph but the last or lower paragraphs. Therefore, the tip that is you should read some of articles that have been approved to get some over view how to format your article correctly. Read careful guide line will increase the chance that help your article can be approved.  It will be also better for you to put back link from author bio with your target keywords.

Finally, keep track your submission: As I mentioned above, most of articles need to be reviewed by editors before they can be public. Therefore, you must keep track your submission to see whether your article has been approved or not. In the case it was rejected, you should check out the reason that make the article was rejected by editors. The reason can be wrong category, wrong format, or something else. Therefore, you may re-edit and then resubmit or remove the article and submit a new one to get back links from that directory.

All in all, article submission is one of very best way to get back link from quality site. These back links will be useful for you to process internet marketing campaign or search engine optimization. All SEO companies prefer to have back links from article submission. Therefore, if you pay attention to the guideline, the article submission process will be done easily, quickly, and more effectively.