The Factors That Make ProWeb365 Different

21/08/2015 12:16

ProWeb365 is a full-service web design company. We design, host, maintain, and market websites for businesses and organizations big and small. We custom build professional websites – including blogs, eCommerce and informational websites - that are easy to self-update and manage, with integrated content management systems (CMS) including Drupal, Magento, and WordPress. We love what we do and we do what our clients love & work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful websites. We have factors that make us different from other web design firms in Minnesota. Just learn about it:

  1. Website Design and Optimization: Effective marketing websites are those that can strike the balance between creative design and intelligent on-site search engine optimization (SEO). Why? Because there are two kinds of audiences visiting your website regularly. The first one is comprised of search engine robots, and the second one is made up of people. Therefore, your website needs to be search engine friendly as well as user friendly to perform well. At ProWeb365, we have the skills and experience to help you establish such a website; and, in addition, you will own an exclusive copyright to that custom design.
  2. On-site SEO: We optimize each web page on your site with keywords related to your products and services in Title Tags and H1 Tags. We also optimize the graphics and images on your site to ensure it loads faster. Since most of our online audiences are impatient and busy, speed matters.

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Helpful Tips to Make Your Website Friendly

25/06/2015 14:55

Creating a websites that is friendly and easy for your potential clients to navigate is very significant. Today more and more people turn to use smartphone. So, you need to be mobile friendly as well. I would like to suggest some helpful tips to make your website friendly to guests as well and keep them go back to your site. 

1) Keep landing pages off your home page
Landing pages should not be your first page you see when you arrive at a website. Many people will just click the exit button. Instead try a pop up. Only use landing pages if you are running an event and looking for registrations, but do not set this as your home page.

2) Be careful with advertisements
As you know, people hate to see ads.Try using relevant affiliate links into your content,

3) Have a simple and clear navigation
Try to navigate your site needs to be as easy as well. Try not to have too many drop down menus.

4) Don't lose your readers

When visitors are browsing your site, you will want to make sure they know which part of the site they areas well as a clear means for them to navigate to the next part of your website. Make sure you have a home button or menu option available to bring them back.

5) Pay attention to audio/video on your site

Try not to have autoplay audios or videos on your site. People don't want to listen voices that they can not control.

6) Try forums. groups or comments

You should have a place for people make connection and discussion.

7) Keep a blog
You should use a blog on your site and keep it updated with latest news about yourself and your business will allow your readers to get to know you.

8) Update Content frequently

Visitor love this, search engine love this also. You must update fresh content on your website frequenly.

9) Reduce the number and size of images on your website.
High resolution images can make your site load very slowly. With more and more people connecting via mobile devices, speed is important.

10) Make sure your website can been seen
Make sure your site run correctly by checking & testing carefully before it's public. You also want to test the mobile viewing of your site by using Google Mobile Friendly Test.

11) Build Sitemap for your Website:
Search Engines follows links on your website. Sitemap will help search engine index your content more quickly.

3 Main Mistakes for Local Web Design

15/07/2013 16:31

Having a website for your local small business today is no longer an option. Few folks have the yellow pages around any more and are looking to find local businesses on their smart phone, iPad, and laptop. If your business doesn't have an online home then you're losing valuable potential income.

In my experience, local small businesses struggle with 3 mistakes once they decide to get a website.

Mistake #1:
Get your website designed by a part-time teenager or relative who has little experience and will even complete (maybe some day) your website for free.
When your vintage Ford Mustang is needing repairs, you don't take it over take it to the kid next door because he is taking a mechanics class in high school. The same is true with your valuable website. You're going to be offering and showing your precious local small business to the entire online community. You want your online representation of your business to shine.

What to do instead:
Choose carefully. Find a web designer who has experience designing websites. And more importantly designing websites you LIKE. Ask other local business owners who they used for their websites.

As a local business owner, you want to make sure your business image is reflected professionally. While it might seem like a simple process to throw a website together, a professional can share and guide you with the best options for your business. They may also help you skip over some of the pitfalls that may come from poor planning, poor design and poor SEO (search engine optimization - think Google).

Mistake #2:
Building the website yourself.
You are smart enough to build your own local small business so developing a great website can't be that hard. Whether you spend late nights learning how to design and code your own website from scratch or you bought into one of the "free"website options being advertised everywhere, you've invested your valuable time and effort into an ever-changing and technically challenging marketing tool. You have to climb the steep learning curve of whatever website system you are learning. It can be very frustrating!

What to do instead:
Instead of investing your creative talents into something outside your local small business expertise, hire a website designer to do your website for you. Use the time you would have spent on the website creating and serving in your local small business - where you are the expert. Only you can lead and build your local small business, but a professional website designer can easily build a great website for you without the huge time expenditure on your part.

Having someone else develop your website frees you from keeping up with all the latest technical and design changes and updates, too. Wouldn't you rather call someone to figure out why Google crashed your website overnight and losing a day of money making work on your local small business.

Mistake # 3:
Going overboard and insisting on using a high end PR firm (or the most expensive marketing company in town) to make sure you have every imaginable bell and whistle on your small business website.
Adding factors like music and moving actions or Flash throughout the site as well as insisting on a lot of complex content upfront distracts your website visitor from the primary purpose of your website - to make more profit. Eventually you get so bogged down in the perfect and huge website, that nothing happens.

What to do instead:
Consider what results from your website would make it successful. Is it more traffic through your front door? More leads to your sales force? Better attendance at your next show?
Keep your initial website as simple as possible. You can always add to and improve it, but first you need to have a website live.
Talk to a few different website designers recommended by fellow local businesses. Interview them and compare their pricing. Give them the marching orders and get the website live.


How to Choose the Right Web Design Company

18/06/2013 22:13

It doesn't matter if you are looking to have an existing website redesigned or an entirely new website designed from scratch, you will certainly appreciate the wide range of quality services provided by the professional web designers. Since most companies aren't likely to be able to rely on an in-house web designer, it will be necessary to use on the services provided by the freelancer or web design agencies. The significance of a professionally and well thought out website design is extremely high. A poorly conceived and designed website is likely to have a negative influence on a company's online presence, and likely to drive the potential client to the nearest competitor. A business website is the shop front for the range of services and products made available to the end consumer. By offering the right design and layout, there is a greater chance that you are able to turn any visitors into real shopping customers.

In the process of selecting a web design agency it is highly important to consider a lot of factors, including:

Design skills and experience - A first step to deciding on a web design company is to analyze their technical experience and skills. Read through the wide-ranging information on their website to see the services and marketing practices offered. More information on the qualities can be found by arranging an initial consultation to discuss the matter further via phone or an IM service.

Case studies and portfolio - In order to get a better appreciation of the type and quality of websites designed, you might want to search the case studies or portfolio that is often highlighted on a web site. If you are able to find a range of websites that are able to provide the site of design and layout and functionality that you are hoping to achieve, then you are likely to found a potential web design company.

Availability and timeframe - If you are looking to have a website live for a planning launch date; you really want to make certain that a web design company is able to provide a timeframe that matches the specific circumstances. The ability to provide a fast turnaround is likely to relate to the popularity of a particular service and the work that they have recently taken on. In order to get an appreciation of the timeline that a design service would provide, you would need to make contact to check with the individual companies since this is likely to vary quite significantly.


City approves bringing car sharing to the streets

14/05/2013 21:50

The City Council on Friday signed off on a two-year pilot program that will allow several car sharing companies to leave vehicles at on-street parking spots.
City leaders hope that boosting the number of vehicles and bringing them out in the open -- shared cars now live in private ramps -- will convince city residents to ditch their own rides.
Transportation committee chair Sandy Colvin Roy said the expanded car sharing could begin this summer.
The original plan granted the on-street spots exclusively to German company Car2Go, which specializes in two-seat Smart Cars. Customers of local car sharing company HourCar, which has been seeking the same privilege for years, hammered city leaders on social media for shutting out the company from the on-street parking.
The grassroots campaign paid off. On Friday, Council Members Robert Lilligren and Betsy Hodges amended the pilot program to include multiple vendors. The other companies that had expressed interest were Hertz on Demand and Zipcar.
The companies have different models. Customers of Car2Go, for example, will likely be able to leave the cars in whichever on-street spot they wish -- allowing for more one-way usage. HourCar, on the other hand, will likely have specific spots designated around the city.
Colvin Roy said the companies will reimburse the city for use of the right of way, which will offset lost parking revenue. The details of that must be determined in the final contracts.
HourCar, which uses primarily Priuses, may expand to 70 cars. Car2Go, which does not currently have a Minneapolis operation, is proposing a fleet of 250 cars.
"This is a really huge innovation," said Mayor R.T. Rybak, who noted several cities that are outpacing Minneapolis on car sharing. "They're doing it at a scale that will work for this city. They're doing it at a scale that you know with a relative amount of certainly that another car will be there."
Car2Go charges a one-time sign up fee of $35 and $.38 per minute for the car rental. HourCar has several plans. Their "Freedom plan" costs $5 a month and $8 an hour for the car rental.


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