Tips for Writing Effective Press Release

25/01/2013 16:03

We usually use press release distribution services when youlaunch a new product or a website, make major updates or have any othernewsworthy event.  So, writing Press release is a common and veryeffective method of marketing your website on the Internet. As you alreadyknow, this also provides one-way inbound links and helps to generatesubstantial traffic to your site. Press releases are targeted for a specialaudience or client and mainly distribute news to news-people. Therefore, let meshare with you some useful tip for writing effective Press Release.

First of all, I stronglyrecommend that you write a press release in a MS Word or other text documentinstead of writing it directly on the online submit form. Writing online willnot achieve the best results. Write your press release, print it, andproofread. Rewrite and then proofread again. The more time you take to do itright, the better your company's first impression.

Besides, below are some importantpoints you must pay attention:

-         Create an attention-grabbing headline. You needa short, catchy headline that will grab somebody’s attention when they’rescanning dozens (or maybe hundreds) of e-mails or texts.

-         Keep your press release short. Journalists gethundreds of press releases a day and don’t have the time (or inclination) towork their way through page after page of prose. Aim for a maximum of two pages(but in my point of view, one is better), keep your language simple, yoursentences short and avoid jargon at all costs.

-          Do notadd pictures:  You may have a picture ofyour product, but do not attach or embed them in the press release because manyjournalists dislike it, or their servers block such mail as spam.

Write your press release like a news story. Learn to writein inverted pyramid style. Answer  “W”questions (Like who, what, why, when, where, and how ) in the first paragraphor two. Read the first two paragraphs of the press release you’re working on.If that’s all you had, would you know what the story is about? Practice writingone-paragraph press releases as a first draft. Then add any necessarysupporting information. Your headline and first paragraph are the mostimportant components.

 Add a date andcontacts. Make sure you date the release at the start so that everybody can seehow old or new the story is. It is also conventional to include yourlocation/town and county by the date. Also include your contact information (incase an interview or more detail is requested), either at the top of therelease or near the end with the boilerplate. This should consist of your fullname, telephone (landline and mobile), email and maybe a postal address too.

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