Tips to Hire Web Designer

20/12/2012 21:06

You need to build up a new website for your business. Therefore, you have to looking for a good web designer. Most of the time, web design cost is one of important factors that effect to your decision directly. You have great idea and have narrowed it down to some web design companies. Now what? Give web designer what you want to do & ask them for web design quote as soon as they can. Let me give you some suggestion to pick up a good web design quote.

In my point of view, a good web designer rates each website project separately. They should meet with the business representative who will be making decisions for the company regarding the website. Therefore, along with competitor names, business requirements and goals should be sent to prospective web designers.  

The good designer will come to the interview all details with a good understanding of your company, its goals and its competitors. They will going to make suggestions on where to start and be willing to take your input. Once they have met with you and fully understand what you think you want, they will come up with a few different web layouts to show you. Until they know how much content you wish to display, how many images, etc. They can't begin to give a correct quote.

With a simple static website with logo already designed may get a quick quote, but then nobody want to come to such a boring site, right? In my experience, a good designer won't give you a template and fill it with content and feel good about themselves. A custom design will setup a plan to have meetings with you to learn your preferences, reviewing your product/service information, reviewing your logo for best branding, and selecting some color schemes that fit your niche. This will give you more option to pick up.

Therefore, the web design quotes is usually determined by some point below:

  • Number of pages on your website
  • Do you have a logo or you need new-design logo?
  • Do you need a header?
  • Type of Navigation bar - one button, drop-down or slide-out menus?
  • Do password to protect all your web page?
  • Do you want to access the site for the content update frequently?
  • Will your site include technical specialty items?
  • Are you writing your own content or do you need this done?
  • Will you have a photo gallery?
  • Will you have interactive forms?
  • Will graphic images be web ready or will you need them optimized?

So, after getting enough information, the next step to any custom website is developing the site, setting up the approved layout and coding it for web accessibility. Delays in getting content, images, press releases, etc. to your Web designer by their due date will cost you more. Most designers take on a project and have an end or launch date in mind. If delays are incurred because information is late to the design team, your web design quote may increase to allow for overtime to keep on schedule.

Designing a web site takes time, research and meetings with web design providers. Web design price will effect directly to you decision. Therefore, try to let designer learn about your business goals, expected outcomes, and web site needs. Then, they will give you the correct web design quote.  With good quotes, you will evaluate the budget correctly for your website development process. 


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